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 Buying your tickets early ensures that you are getting access to the show at a good price, but it has other benefits. Early ticket purchases help us budget the show to the appropriate amount of attendees. This allows us to have better guests, a larger number of guests, more events, and helps maintain the standard of quality you’ve come to expect from Roswell GalactiCon over the years! By purchasing your tickets early you're getting a really good deal and contributing to the overall quality of the entire convention.


Tickets for Roswell and galactiCon '17

June 29 - July 1 , 2017


Come see this year’s top Sci-Fi/Fantasy films and  meet the filmmakers and attend Q&A sessions.


Also included with your ticket is an all access pass to our GalactiCon event. This year's event will include Filmmaker workshops, Set-production, Budgeting and Scheduling. The GalactiCon event this year will include comicbook vendors and dealers, a Steampunk workshop, cosplay, sci-fi celebrities, gaming tournaments, and so much more!


There will also be access to social networking events and the Filmmaker Lounge, daily. So what are you waiting for?

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 ***There is no charge for a 3-day Pass; however, prices for individual workshops are list  here!

Please let us know you plan to attend, this helps us with head count and future funding.


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