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Circle of Stone

When rural cops respond to a call for help from one of their own, their search through the woods reveals what happened to a young girl stolen away sixty years before. They find themselves stuck in a supernatural world with their only escape to fight their way out.

Director Biography - Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews is an Academy Award Winning director of Brave the 2012 Pixar animated film. He’s worked on numerous Pixar films as Head of Story, Incredibles, Ratatouille as well as being part of the Pixar senior creative team. He Co-directed and Co-wrote the live action blockbuster, John Carter of Mars for Disney Feature. He was also nominated for an Academy Award for his short animated film One Man Band. He’s received an Emmy for his writing and storyboard work on Star Wars Clone Wars the Animated series, as well as an Annie award for storyboarding on Iron Giant. He is a versatile filmmaker, writer, director and visionary, lending his talents and skills on several other animated feature films and TV series like Samurai Jack, which he wrote and story boarded five episodes, and the New Adventures of Johnny Quest. He’s been a force of Nature in the Animation industry for twenty-six years working at the biggest studios in Animation and Live action. He graduated CALARTS in 1993 with a BFA in film.

Director Statement

“There is no peace
for the children of Man
save for ancient right,
won by blood.”

As the myth goes, an ancient race called the Danu Shide ( Day-Noo-She) lost their war with mankind thousands of years ago. They left this world, entered their own and the war was forgotten. Yet some of the Danu Shide, never forgot and never forgave. I am drawn to the ancient Irish and Scottish myths as well as action, suspense, and the supernatural. Circle of Stone came together in my desire to tell an intense, dynamic story that incorporated all my favorite elements. Taking the ‘Dark Fae’ and thrusting them into a modern day setting gave me the storytelling sandbox to indulge my creativity.