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For the Goblins

An ordinary college student SEBASTIAN gets kidnapped by Goblins on his way home from a party. With the desire of getting some goblin wine, he makes a deal with the Goblins. Sebastian brings home a young Goblin, RRRUBY, who does not understand anything about human society but he has to perform it the way of acting like a human being. At first, Sebastian does not want to take care of RRRuby; instead, he only wants to enjoy his price, the Goblin wine. However, he then learns that without taking his responsibility, not only he won't be able to get his price but also RRRuby might get seriously injured because of his negligence. In the end, Sebastian decides to finish his mission, teach RRRuby to act like a human being. Sebastian then begins to introduce clothing, food, language, transportation, and technology to the young Goblin. They have a short but rich time. In the end, Sebastian brings RRRuby back to the Goblin forest, they both complete their mission. Moreover, they become very good friends even though they are very different species.


Director Biography - Hypnus Yao

Hypnus, genderless, a filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles. Hypnus falls in love with the process of making films at a very young age. Nowadays, Hypnus enrolls in a filmmaking program at New York Film Academy while involves in off-campus sets to gain real-life experience. Hypnus will soon be graduate from school and starts a freelance filmmaker life. As an animal lover and environmentalist, Hypnus begins the production “For the Goblins” to claim people’s responsibility towards the earth. Moreover, Hypnus is pessimism and pantheist who believes there is more in the world needs to be explored. Thus, Hypnus wishes to send out the message to everyone though scripts and movies.