Radio Silence

RADIO SILENCE is a surreal psychological horror film that follows Hayley, a woman who tunes into a strange radio broadcast that becomes incessantly invasive. As she becomes obsessed with this broadcast, Hayley's view on reality begins to shift and alienate her from the world around her. This unsettling reality is created through multiple filmmaking techniques, including experimental sound design and cinematography. All of these elements create an atmosphere that conveys an abstract story about how perception affects reality.

Director's Note:

Due to the use of low tones, standard earbuds/headphones or speakers capable of producing pitches as low as 25Hz are highly recommended for a complete viewing experience.



Director Biography:


Isaiah Torrez was born in Roswell, New Mexico and grew up in nearby Artesia, New Mexico where he began studying filmmaking through the local high school's college-level film courses. Though he had always found meaning and entertainment in film, it wasn't until he watched the cult classic television show Twin Peaks that he decided to pursue filmmaking by enrolling in the Digital Filmmaking program at ENMU-Roswell. It was here that he wrote, directed, and edited his first short film, "Radio Silence." Isaiah continues to learn and implement the skills he learned at ENMU-Roswell through photography and creative writing, and currently has multiple ideas that he hopes to turn into more films.