Silent Partner

Hank's Family is missing and he's not talking. Two detectives are hot on the case but have nothing to go with. Can they solve the case before it goes cold?

Director - Issa Currie

After working in the restaurant industry for eight years, Issa Currie decided he wanted to chase his dreams. He enrolled in the University of North Texas’ Radio/Television/Film program and minored in Business Management. He walked away with a Bachelors and tons of resources to be a filmmaker. He landed at Funimation as a video editor and continued making connections. In the meantime, he connected with producer Jeramie Wilkinson at Empty Theatre Productions and started collaborating making the films he wanted to make. With a passion for directing and using his skills as an editor, Issa prepares his shots with efficiency which helps minimizes shooting time and maximizes his creativity. A knack for storytelling and charisma with the cast and crew makes his projects intriguing. He feels everyone’s time and work are important, making sure they come away with a sense of accomplishment. Issa is grateful for an amazing family, great friends, and wonderful film family that supports him on every project.