Where There's a Will

Our tale is inspired by the true story of a man struggling with a stubborn, progressive illness...While his outer life has slowed considerably, his inner life still thrives. For many years before his illness Brian flourished in a Film and Television career...not the stardom kind, but rather, the ‘you get to make a living doing what you love kind’. After a dozen years of procedures and the latest meds, it has become apparent, that he also had a stubborn, progressive case ‘just won’t die’. With new found courage and determination, Brian decides he will do what actors do, he will audition...but he couldn’t be fully prepared for what was to come. This audition would change everything.

Director Biography - Mark Joy

Mark Joy's Film & TV Bio
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It all started in 1988 when I was cast to play George C. Scott's son in THE RYAN WHITE STORY. We spent a week of 100 degree days in Charlotte NC. I was beside myself the entire time. 'I had arrived'....kind of? Soon after, I was cast in a lead role in John Waters' classic cult film, PECKER, and then a supporting role in Kevin Smith's iconic film, DOGMA...then on to multiple episodes of LAW and ORDER and THE WIRE, MATLOCK and many others. Things went nicely for me...But some years ago my life took a drastic, unexpected turn and presented what seemed to be an overwhelming challenge...The days were dark for a long while, but over time, something stirred in me...and stirred again ...There was a story here...a story truly like no other...and it was a story I must tell.